What We Do

Chimu Solutions develops cloud-based solutions to deliver actionable insights for customers within vertical markets. Our cutting-edge performance analysis algorithms and software technology delves into intricate team dynamics as well as individual metrics with the goal of differentiating role players from superstars.

Our professional soccer solution provides powerful quantification and analysis of performance at the match, trend, team and player levels along with scouting services based on analytical capabilities.

The research has been developed by the Amaral Lab for Complex Systems and Systems Biology at Northwestern headed by Drs. Luis Amaral and Jordi Duch. Dr. Amaral has been awarded the prestigious Early Career Scientist fellowship by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), an award extended only to 50 most promising scientists, for his work on understanding the dynamics of complex systems.

In June 2010, the peer-reviewed journal PLoS One published the research to the great interest of the scientific community and public alike.

Who We are

Luis Nunes Amaral
Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor
Professor Amaral, a native of Portugal, conducts and directs research that provides insight into the emergence, evolution, and stability of complex social and biological systems. Chimu’s approach to soccer teams is rooted in this organic system analysis.

Jordi Duch Gavalda
Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor
Jordi obtained his Ph.D. in physics from Universitat de Barcelona. His work has focused on applying network analysis tools to the design of team performance metrics.

Gadiel Szleifer
Managing Director
Gadiel studied economics and math at Stanford University. He has previously worked in the finance and gaming sectors and his work has focused on tailoring Chimu models to predictive applications.